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"Math Manipulatives"

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Place Value Activity Kit
item# LC165


Our kit lets kids use colorful plastic place value blocks to visually represent ones, tens, hundreds and thousands—even build and solve…

grades: 1st grade - 3rd grade
ages: 6 years - 8 years
Upper Grades Math Manipulative Library
item# LL905X


…to area and percents, our comprehensive manipulative library reinforces essential math concepts that support upper grade curriculums!…

grades: 3rd grade - 6th grade
ages: 8 years - 11 years
Elementary Math Manipulative Library
item# RA510X


All the manipulatives students need to explore essential math concepts—in one convenient center! Our handy plastic tubs are filled with…

Magnetic Math Manipulatives Library
item# ID300X


Challenging math concepts are easy to understand when students grab our magnetic manipulatives! The versatile magnets provide a highly…

grades: kindergarten - 6th grade
ages: 5 years - 11 years
Early Math Manipulative Library - Complete Set
item# RA650X


All the manipulatives you need to explore essential math concepts—in one convenient center! Our 6 1/2" plastic tubs are filled with a…

grades: preschool - 3rd grade
ages: 3 years - 8 years
Lakeshore Math Counters Library 1
item# LC1650X


Hands-on counters make math concepts easy to grasp…with hundreds of kid-pleasing objects for students to count, measure, compare &…

grades: preschool - 3rd grade
ages: 3 years - 8 years
Unifix® Cubes
item# RA313


200 linking plastic cubes are perfect for patterning, place value, number sense and more. 3/4"; in 10 colors.

grades: pre-k - 6th grade
ages: 4 years - 11 years
Build & Learn Geometry Kit
item# GG458


As students piece together over 200 sticks and connectors, they learn to build, identify and describe geometric shapes! 12 activity…

grades: 2nd grade - 5th grade
ages: 7 years - 10 years
Linking Cubes
item# RA529


Durable plastic cubes link together any way kids like! Set of 150 cubes in 10 colors; 3/4" each.

grades: preschool - 6th grade
ages: 3 years - 11 years
Hands-On Math Centers - Complete Set
item# LA1770X


Our irresistible centers encourage children to solve math problems using concrete, hands-on objects—from sorting farm animals by…

grades: preschool - kindergarten
ages: 3 years - 5 years
Unifix® Cubes
item# TY4225

$6.99 - $109.99

…and more…these easy-linking cubes provide a concrete way to explore a variety of early math concepts. 100 plastic cubes; each is 3/4".

grades: kindergarten - 3rd grade
ages: 5 years - 8 years
Fractions, Decimals & Percents Circles
item# LL983


Our easy-to-use circles let students explore fractions, decimals, percents and equivalencies—hands on! The set includes 350 pieces in a…

grades: 4th grade - 6th grade
ages: 9 years - 11 years