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Magic Water Marbles
$14.99 sale $11.99

Our magic marbles grow right before your eyes—just add water! Simply place the dehydrated marbles in a large tub…fill the tub with…

Kinetic Sensory Sand
$14.99 - $44.99 sale $11.99 - $35.99

Kids can’t resist digging, kneading, squeezing and playing with our sensational sensory sand! Soft to the touch and virtually…

Foam Sensory Paint - 5-Color Set
$24.99 sale $19.99

Add sensory fun to arts & crafts with our foam paint—in 5 dazzling colors! Each bottle contains stimulating foam paint…and comes with…

Hold-A-Ring Walking Rope
$29.99 sale $23.99

Perfect for field trips or just walking down the hall, our ingenious walking rope makes it easy to travel with the whole class! 10…

Sensory Stars Beanbag Set
$16.99 sale $13.59

Our colorful beanbags are fun to feel and toss—for a sensory experience little ones can’t resist! Ideal for exploring texture & color,…

Lakeshore Magnetic Fishing Set
$29.99 sale $23.99

Children get a bite every time they play with our magnetic fishing set…and build essential eye/hand coordination at the same time!…

Activity Scarves
$16.99 sale $13.59

Get children moving! Our bright nylon scarves are lots of fun to wave, toss, twirl and more—perfect for music & movement activities…

Let’s Get Moving! Activity Mats
$49.99 sale $39.99

Children skip, squat and stretch their way to coordination and physical fitness—with fun activity mats that are sure to get the whole…

Lakeshore Sensory Ball Set
$34.99 sale $27.99

Exciting textures and bright, eye-catching colors give kids a stimulating, hands-on sensory experience—with every toss! 10 rugged…

Mix & Match Waterfalls - Set of 4
$29.99 sale $23.99

Our clever waterfall set helps kids explore the wonders of water movement…from a cascading waterfall to a spinning waterwheel! Kids…

Sensory Sand Ice Cream Set
$12.99 sale $10.39

Pile on tons of sensory fun with our colorful cones, cups and scoops—perfect for use with our Kinetic Sand! Kids play ice cream parlor…

Heavy-Duty Sand Tools Set
$59.99 sale $47.99

All the tools children need to scoop, sift, dig and more! Our classroom-tough sand tool set includes 6 each of a scoop, shovel, rake,…