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Science Quiz Interactive Game Show - Gr. 4-6
$19.99 - $199.00 sale $15.99 - $159.20

This totally wild quiz show makes it a blast to explore science concepts—from chemistry & the human body to magnetism & the solar…

Phonics Quiz Interactive Game Show
$19.99 sale $15.99 - $199.00

Phonics practice is more exciting than ever—when children compete as contestants on our interactive game show! Great for language…

Can Do! Interactive Sight-Words Game
$14.99 sale $11.99 - $149.00

Children compete as contestants on the most exciting game show in the galaxy—and get the focused practice they need to master…

Money: Ski-Ball! Ticket-To-Win-It Interactive Arcade Game
$19.99 sale $15.99 - $199.00

Children race to match up equal money values—then click the correct ball to send it zooming up the ramp! This arcade-style game…

Social Studies Quiz Interactive Game Show - Gr. 1-3
$19.99 - $199.00 sale $11.99 - $159.20

Children become contestants on the wildest game show in the West—and explore everything from landforms & inventions to our nation &…

Adventure Earth Interactive Game
$14.99 - $149.00 sale $11.99 - $119.20

Kids master earth and space science concepts as they travel from glaciers to volcanoes in search of hidden treasure! Our game features…

ATM Action! Money Interactive Game
$14.99 sale $11.99 - $149.00

Students use money skills to track earnings & expenses—as they race to build the biggest bank balance! Our excitement-packed game…