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Engineer-A-Coaster Activity Kit
$49.99 sale $29.99

Kids love thrilling roller coasters…and now they can design their own! Through trial & error, students learn how the track position…

Lakeshore Magnet Kit
$49.99 sale $29.99

Amaze children with the wonders of magnetism as they make magnets float in midair, go on a magnetic scavenger hunt…even see how a…

Solar System Fact Finder
$39.99 sale $24.99

Our hands-on interactive 3-D model lets kids discover fascinating facts about all 8 planets and the sun! Plus, the built-in quiz…

Petri Dishes- Set of 12
$8.99 sale $7.19

Kids grow bacteria, store & observe specimens, and more with our plastic petri dishes! 12 dishes with lids; each measures 3 5/8" in diameter.

Science Quiz Interactive Game Show - Gr. 4-6
$19.99 - $199.00 sale $15.99 - $159.20

This totally wild quiz show makes it a blast to explore science concepts—from chemistry & the human body to magnetism & the solar…

Science Quiz Interactive Game Show - Gr. 1-3
$19.99 - $199.00 sale $15.99 - $159.20

Kids compete on an excitement-packed game show…as they test their science knowledge & learn amazing facts! The interactive game…

Adventure Earth Interactive Game
$14.99 - $149.00 sale $11.99 - $119.20

Kids master earth and space science concepts as they travel from glaciers to volcanoes in search of hidden treasure! Our game features…