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Multipurpose Headphones with Volume Control
$9.99 - $74.99

Versatile, comfortable and super-easy to use, our high-quality headphones are the perfect addition to any classroom! The extra-comfy,…

Circle Time Songs CD

Circle time is more fun than ever…with delightful, rhyming songs that build essential skills as children sing! Our irresistible CD…

True Tone Hand Bells
$6.99 - $49.99

These color-coded bells are marked with the proper notes to help students learn the musical scale! Each one features an easy-grip…

Jumbo Rhythm Rainstick

Little ones will love shaking out tons of fun rhythms with this colorful plastic rainstick! The jumbo rainstick measures 8" tall, and…

Rhythm Sticks - Pair

Kids explore rhythm & movement with our fun-to-tap sticks! Wooden sticks are 14".

Hand Bell

Kids love to explore rhythm & music with our resonant hand bell! Nickel-plated bell is 4" high.

Recorder with Cloth Bag

Perfect for solos, duets or ensembles, our kid-friendly soprano recorder encourages players of all levels to make beautiful music! The…

Plastic Maracas - Pair

Fun-to-shake maracas are easy for kids of all ages to play! 2-piece set; each measures 7 1/2".

Puppy Slide Flute

Introduce kids to music with this easy-to-play sliding flute! Perfect for sing-alongs and stimulating creative play, the flute helps…

Wrist & Ankle Bells

Kids just strap the bells to their wrists and ankles…and shake out a rhythm! Adjustable strap is 9 1/4".


Kids create clear, resonant notes with our easy-play triangle! 6" steel triangle includes a striker.

Sand Blocks - Pair

It’s easy to keep the beat with our kid-sized sand blocks! Blocks are 3" x 5".

Japanese Den Den

This traditional Japanese instrument is a fun and easy way to add percussion to music time! Simply roll the wooden handle between your…

Cluster Bells

It’s easy to jingle out a rhythm with easy-grip bells! 4 3/4"; with nickel-silver bells.

Tick-Tock Block

Tap either side of our tick-tock block to create two different tones! 3-piece set; longest piece is 7 1/4".

Guiro Tone Block

With our wooden guiro tone block, kids can keep the beat by tapping…or create fun sounds by gliding the mallet over the grooves! 8…

Claves - Pair

Kids love the bright clicking sound of our easy-to-play claves! 2-piece set; each measures 9".

Chino Tone Block

Our fun-to-tap tone block encourages kids to keep the beat! 6 3/4" long; includes mallet.

Jingle Clog

Children just grab the handle to shake and jingle! Wooden handle measures 6 1/2" long.

Handle Castanets

Easy-play castanets are super-fun to shake and clap! Hardwood; 8" long.