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Kinetic Sensory Sand
$14.99 - $44.99

Kids can’t resist digging, kneading, squeezing and playing with our sensational sensory sand! Soft to the touch and virtually…

Lakeshore Hop-Along Balls
$16.99 - $24.99

Our Hop-Along Balls are big on bounce and full of nonstop muscle-building fun! Perfect for use indoors or outside on the grass, the…

Activity Scarves

Get children moving! Our bright nylon scarves are lots of fun to wave, toss, twirl and more—perfect for music & movement activities or…

Scooter Board

Our Scooter Board is full of kid-powered, muscle-building fun! The textured plastic board has sturdy casters that make rolling and…

Speedy Snow
$7.99 - $19.99

Whip up a blizzard in no time—with incredible powder that looks & feels like real snow! Our nontoxic powder is perfect for sensory…

Swing & Catch Cups
$2.99 - $14.99

A fun & safe game of catch—that children can play on their own! Rugged plastic set comes with 6 colorful cups, each with a fun,…

Shake & Move Ribbon Bells - Set of 6

Little ones get moving & grooving—as they shake, wave and twirl our fun ribbon bells! Each one has an easy-grip, 7" wooden handle with…

Lakeshore 6" Activity Balls - Set of 6

No matter what game kids are playing, our versatile activity balls are just the thing! Great for use indoors or out, these…

Game Hoops - Set of 3
$16.99 - $19.99

Tough, versatile hoops for kids to roll, catch or toss. Safe plastic hoops develop motor skills, rhythm, coordination and body…

Lakeshore Wrist Ribbons - Set of 12

Our stretchy satin ribbons slide right onto children’s wrists—keeping their hands free to dance, wave, clap and more! 12 ribbons…

Partner Parachute Kit

Kids partner up to keep tossing the beanbag in the air…and build coordination and muscle control as they play! Our easy-to-use…

Child-Sized Safety Helmets
$16.99 - $19.99

Little heads get all the protection they need with our safety helmets. They’re made of extra-dense styrene with a super-tough,…

Balancing Balls Game

Improving balance and coordination has never been easier—or more fun—than with our no-fail game set! The molded plastic “spoons” are…

Activity Beanbags

Our fun-to-toss beanbags are super-easy to catch & throw! The durable canvas beanbags are perfect for all kinds of skill-building…

Magnetic Fishing Poles - Set of 2

Our fun-to-use fishing poles have magnet “hooks”—so kids can easily catch any magnetic object! The realistic pole extends up to 18…

Big Track Sand Rollers

Little ones will love to make tracks in the sand—with easy-grip rollers that leave big impressions! Our set of 6 plastic rollers…

Stay-Dry Water Play Smocks
$10.99 - $129.00

Go ahead—let kids splish and splash; our water play smock will help keep them dry! Vinyl smock has elasticized sleeves and a roomy…

Mini Bowling Set

With a squeezably soft foam bowling ball and 6 extra-chunky foam pins, this action-packed set makes it super-safe—and tons of fun—to…

Bamboo Rhythm Sticks
$3.99 - $19.99

Little ones will love exploring rhythm & beats—with high-quality rhythm sticks made out of real bamboo! Super-durable and…

Easy-Catch Playball

Put a fun new spin on active play games with our easy-to-catch playball! The playground-tough neoprene ball has a flexible woven…

Best-Buy Color Cones

Set up an activity course—indoors or out! As kids maneuver around our colorful cones, on foot or on trikes, they learn about spatial…

Beanbag Fun CD

Lively songs and involving beanbag activities help kids focus on balance, coordination, teamwork and more! With lyrics and activity instructions.

Musical Scarves Activity CD

14 fun songs specially selected for use with our Activity Scarves! With lyrics and activity instructions.

Lakeshore Ribbon Wands - Set of 4

Our ribbon wands add excitement & creativity to active play…while building gross motor skills! Each wand has 6 colorful fabric…