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Shapes Discovery Boxes

Tots just open up our inviting boxes…and get a super-appealing introduction to basic shapes! Each 5"-tall box contains 4 irresistible…

Giant Sight & Sound Tubes

A fascinating, hands-on way for tots to explore sight and sound! Each see-inside tube is filled with objects of different colors,…

Math & Science Board Book Collection

Make math and science more approachable for early learners with our delightful board books! Each features simple text and memorable…

Shatterproof Safety Mirrors
$19.99 - $54.99

Perfect for light experiments, shatterproof mirrors are classroom-safe. Plastic; 3" x 4" each.

Lakeshore Peekaboo Boards - Complete Set

Little ones can’t wait to play peekaboo with our soft-sewn boards—and find out who’s hiding on each one! Each soft fabric board…