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The Allowance Game®

Wash the car and earn $1.30, but forget your homework and lose a turn! In this fast-paced game, players race around the colorful board…

Fascinating Facts Human Body Game

Which organ sends messages to your body at speeds of up to 180 miles per hour? Kids find out with this captivating game! It has over…

Lakeshore Learning Games

Children learn about letters, numbers, money and more—with 3 exciting board games that make learning extra-fun! Set includes all 3…

Building Fine Motor Skills Games

Children hang monkeys from a teetering tree, balance toppings on a wobbly pizza, pick leaves from a tree full of bees and more! Our…

The Maze Cube

Kids can’t resist our amazing maze cube! Twists, turns, traps and more make completing this maze a nonstop adventure! Just roll the…

Chess Teacher

Now anyone can learn to play chess—quickly and easily! Our specially designed chess set has easy-to-follow diagrams printed right on…

What Should You Do? A Game of Consequences

Sharing a toy moves you closer to the finish, but reading your sister’s diary will send you back two spaces! In this fun-filled game…

Math Brain Electronic Games

Kids race against the clock to solve math problems…and have a blast as they play their way through 8 challenging levels! Our handheld…

Poppa’s Pizza Topple Game

Players pile toppings onto the pizza…but they better be careful! If Poppa wobbles, the pizza topples! As kids play, they fine-tune…

Magnetic Dartboard

All the fun of regular darts…in a magnetic design that’s super-safe! Players love hitting the bull’s-eye with our easy-sticking…

Underwater Treasures Magnetic Race

Navigate through undersea twists and turns…in a face-to-face race to snatch up the most treasure with your magnetic wand. With…