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Pop & Add to 20 Game
$26.99 sale $16.99

Here’s a perfect way to add excitement to math practice! Our fun-to-use game prompts children to use dice poppers to create an…

Magnetic Color Maze
$39.99 sale $24.99

Our skill-building maze gives kids an irresistible, hands-on way to explore colors! The sturdy hardwood maze features 8 built-in…

Reading for Dollars! Challenge Game - Gr. 4
$29.99 sale $23.99

Fourth-graders sharpen their reading skills and earn top dollar for picking up on the details! Perfect for partners, small groups or…

Self-Checking Problem Solving Match-Ups
$9.99 sale $7.99

Sharpen logical thinking and problem-solving skills—with fun-to-use puzzles that provide hands-on practice with tough concepts! You…