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Alphabet Learning Locks
$39.99 sale $24.99

Here’s the key to building alphabet skills! Our learning locks help kids recognize uppercase & lowercase letters and explore letter…

Lakeshore Magic Board
$10.99 sale $6.99 - $99.50

With our irresistible Magic Board, children will want to practice their printing skills again & again! The permanently attached…

Vowel Sounds Sorting Garden
$29.99 sale $23.99

Children master long and short vowel sounds—as they match flowers to pots in our beautiful sorting garden! Each flower has an image on…

Magnetic Word Family Fridge
$29.99 sale $23.99

Word family practice is more fun than ever with our colorful magnets & magnetic mini “refrigerator”! Children select a picture…

Reading for Dollars! Challenge Game - Gr. 4
$29.99 sale $23.99

Fourth-graders sharpen their reading skills and earn top dollar for picking up on the details! Perfect for partners, small groups or…

The Seals on the Bus by Lenny Hort
$17.95 sale $14.36

Monkeys, snakes, sheep…even skunks take a trip on this bus in a unique retelling of an unforgettable nursery rhyme! Children will…