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Good for Me Reward Kit

Motivate kids to meet their goals with our educator-developed kit! Just use the 22" x 28" write & wipe chart to plan tasks for up to 3…

Hands-On Teaching Globe

Give kids a hands-on view of the world—with our lightweight, free-mounted teaching globe! The 10" globe sits on a removable base, so…

Fascinating Facts Human Body Game

Which organ sends messages to your body at speeds of up to 180 miles per hour? Kids find out with this captivating game! It has over…

Solar System Fact Finder

Our hands-on interactive 3-D model lets kids discover fascinating facts about all 8 planets and the sun! Plus, the built-in quiz…

See It Grow Plant Lab

Seeds grow right before your eyes! You get three 4 3/4" plexiglas greenhouses containing a nontoxic gel that accelerates growth and…

Basic Globe

Our child-friendly globe makes it easy to identify Earth’s major physical features…with enough detail to keep kids interested without…

Light Up the Sky! Globe

All the features of a regular globe…and at night, it’s a world of glowing constellations! Our amazing light-up globe features clearly…

Young Scientist Chemistry Lab

From concocting a batch of bouncing bubbles to creating a glowing ice sphere, our lab is packed with amazing experiments that prove…

Write & Wipe World Tabletop Map
$3.99 - $37.50

Kids explore countries, continents, oceans and more—with a full-color world map! 12" x 17 1/2" map has a write & wipe surface, so…

Young Scientist Microscope Set

Our easy-to-use set lets young scientists view specimens at 100, 600…even 1,200 times their normal size! Handy plastic case comes with…

Ant Farm

This see-through unit gives children an exciting, up-close look at ants: working, eating…even socializing! The durable plastic farm…

Take It Anywhere Microscope

On-the-go exploration! Our portable microscope lets kids see the world...up close! Kids can examine the included slide...or find their…

Write & Wipe U.S.A. Tabletop Map
$3.99 - $37.50

Children explore states, capitals, landforms and more—with a full-color U.S. map! 12" x 17 1/2" map has a write & wipe surface, so…

Water Wonders Science Tubes

From snow that expands like magic to incredible sand that stays dry underwater, kids uncover the wonders of science with our…

Unbreakable Test Tubes with Stand

Four shatterproof plastic test tubes come with screw-on caps, labels and a handy stand. 5 3/4" tall; each holds 2 ounces.

Look What I Made! Launcher
$24.99 sale $19.99

Build a real-working launcher—then fire away! Our kit comes with everything kids need to build their very own launcher—including a…

Look What I Made! Catapult
$24.99 sale $19.99

Build a real-working catapult—then let the balls fly! Our kit comes with everything kids need to build a medieval-style…

Truth or Myth? Science Kit

Can you really power a clock with a lemon & cook s’mores with sunlight? Little scientists discover whether popular beliefs are truth…

Create-Your-Own Volcano Kit

Our fascinating hands-on kit has all the materials you need to create your own realistic volcano—and make it erupt over and over!…

Crazy Aaron’s Magnetic Putty

You won’t believe your eyes! Watch Magnetic Putty come to life below a simple magnet. Just use the included magnet to attract the…

Junior Scientists Microscope Set

View specimens at up to 640 times their normal size! Our easy-to-use microscope gives kids an exceptionally clear view—with 10X and…

Look What I Made! Wrecking Ball
$24.99 sale $19.99

Build a real-working wrecking ball—then smash away! Our kit comes with everything kids need to build a medieval-style wrecking…

Super-Strong Magnet Bricks - Set of 12

Super-powerful and perfectly sized for children’s hands. Thick magnets are 1/2" x 1 1/8" x 2 3/8".

Easy-View Telescope

With this ingenious telescope, it’s easy to get an up-close look at everything from craters on the moon to the Big Dipper!…