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Rainbow Scratch Paper
$9.99 sale $6.99

Dazzling, super-colorful pictures are a cinch to create—with our scratch-through rainbow paper! Children use the included scratching…

Don’t Let the Bugs Fall! Game
$16.99 sale $9.99

It takes a very steady hand to pull a block from the tower—without causing our bugs to come crashing down! Players just roll the die…

Crazy Shapes Magnetic Building Set
$49.99 sale $29.99

Kids go crazy for these magnetic builders! 30 wacky shapes stick to each other thanks to the super-strong magnets inside. Just link up…

Real-Working Cash Register
$36.99 sale $29.99

Kids can ring up the fun with our real-working cash register! The built-in calculator and digital display let kids add, subtract,…

The Allowance Game®
$16.99 sale $9.99

Wash the car and earn $1.30, but forget your homework and lose a turn! In this fast-paced game, players race around the colorful board…

Counting Cars
$39.99 sale $29.99

Kids take their counting skills for a spin—with cool cars that really roll! Kids just grab a car…look at the numeral & number word…and…

$24.99 sale $19.99

A building set unlike any other—with fun, interlocking pieces that make stacking a breeze! The plastic pieces feature an easy-linking,…

Spiral Art Design Center
$19.99 sale $3.99 - $14.99

Kids can create amazing spiral designs—anytime, anywhere! Our center comes packed with everything kids need—including 14 design tools,…

Make-A-Face Magnetic Board
$13.49 sale $9.99

Happy, surprised, silly or scared…create any face you want with a double-sided magnetic board, 2 face templates, plus 47…

Flip-To-Win Memory Game
$12.99 sale $9.99

Become a memory you play this classic game with fun themes like farm animals, shapes, fruits & more! Just choose one of…

Listening Center Storage Unit
$59.99 sale $47.99 - $179.00

Keep listening centers neat & tidy with our convenient storage unit! Includes the hardwood storage unit only—with plenty of room for…

Lakeshore Counting Cars
$39.99 sale $29.99

Kids take their math skills for a spin—with hands-on counting cars that really move! Kids grab a car…look at the numeral & number…

$27.99 sale $19.99

Create a beautiful flower arrangement…that’s just the way you like it! Just mix & match the flowers, stems & bases to create tons of…

Sound Switchin’ Game
$24.99 sale $19.99

Students build phonemic awareness…as they travel through outer space to practice sound substitution! Players simply search the game…

Easy-Cut Fabric Sheets
$9.99 sale $7.99

Kids can easily cut our fabric sheets to create any shape they imagine! 45 sheets in 5 colors; 9" x 12" each.

Reading for Dollars! Challenge Game - Kindergarten
$29.99 sale $23.99

Kindergartners sharpen their reading skills and earn top dollar for picking up on the details! Perfect for partners, small groups or…

Sand Writers - Set of 3
$29.99 sale $23.99

Our innovative sand writers are a fascinating way to reinforce writing skills! Kids simply fill the writer with sand & start writing…

Lakeshore Trike Plates
$29.99 sale $23.99

Add an extra level of role-playing to outdoor fun—with our plates that instantly transform Lakeshore trikes into action-packed…