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Glimmer Stickers
Glimmer Stickers
$7.99 - $14.99

Huge collection has over 500 shimmering stickers, including animals, vehicles, flowers & more! Largest 1 5/8".

All-In-One Craft Tub
All-In-One Craft Tub

Everything kids need for creative art projects—in one incredible craft tub! The fun-filled tub comes jam-packed with supplies for a…

Colored Feathers
Colored Feathers
$3.99 - $7.99

Our bright feathers add color and texture to artwork! You get 1 ounce; largest is 5".

Classroom Collage...
Classroom Collage Box

Everything an entire class of eager young artists needs for exciting, no-fail collages! Colossal assortment of textures, shapes and…

Collage Pots - Set...
Collage Pots - Set of 15

Our sturdy collage pots are super-easy to decorate…and perfect for gift giving, keepsakes, even science projects! Each pot is made of…

Tissue Paper Squares
Tissue Paper Squares

Versatile tissue paper squares in 20 bright colors—all pre-cut and ready to use! Includes over 10,000 pieces; each is 1 1/2".

Jumbo Colored Craft...
Jumbo Colored Craft Sticks

Our giant colored craft sticks brighten up collage projects, crafts & more! 100 big 3/4" x 6" wooden sticks in 6 colors.

Yarn Laces with Tips
Yarn Laces with Tips

Our colorful laces feature sturdy plastic tips—so they’re great for collaging or stringing! You get 144 laces in 6 bright colors; each…

Flexible Foam Shapes
Flexible Foam Shapes
$8.99 - $16.99

Foam rubber shapes twist and flex to add a new dimension to collage making. You get 800 pieces, in endless shapes and colors. Largest…

Create-Your-Own Mini...
Create-Your-Own Mini Books - Set of 10

Our mini books each contain 24 blank pages children can fill with drawings & stories...or use for scrapbooking! 10 books in 10 colors;…

3-D Collage Boards -...
3-D Collage Boards - Complete Set

Add a whole new dimension to collage projects with 3-D trees, castles and spaceships! Simply interlock 2 boards to instantly create a…

Paint & Collage...
Paint & Collage Caddies - Set of 4

Set up your own craft centers—with handy tabletop caddies that put materials right at kids’ fingertips! Perfect for projects and…