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Paint & Collage...
Paint & Collage Trays - Set of 4

These stackable plastic trays have a raised lip to prevent spills… perfect for giving kids easy access to a variety of paint & collage…

Peel & Stick Magnet...
Peel & Stick Magnet Dots

Make any art project magnetic! 300 dots; each is 1⁄2".

Acrylic Gemstones
Acrylic Gemstones
$14.99 sale $11.99

Beautiful, realistic gemstones come in a variety of shimmering shapes and colors. 1 pound. Largest is 1".

Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit

Imagine it, then build it! Kids create project after project using smooth pine pieces in a wide variety of shapes. We’ve also included…

3-D Collage Box
3-D Collage Box
$29.99 sale $23.99

A classroom-sized collage box bursting with hundreds of 3-D art supplies! 1,500 ready-to-use pieces include wooden collage sticks,…

Classroom Collage...
Classroom Collage Box

Everything an entire class of eager young artists needs for exciting, no-fail collages! Colossal assortment of textures, shapes and…

Colored Clothespins
Colored Clothespins

Decorate these 3 1/4" wooden clothespins any way you like, then hang them up to show them off! Set of 50.

Peel & Stick Puzzle...
Peel & Stick Puzzle Letters
$9.99 sale $7.99

These self-adhesive, 3/4" foam pieces link together—so kids can spell words, names and more! 2,000 pieces.

Colored Craft Sticks
Colored Craft Sticks
$7.99 sale $6.39

Our colorful craft sticks brighten up collage projects, crafts & more! Wooden craft sticks come in a rainbow of 6 colors. 500 pieces;…

3-D Collage Boards -...
3-D Collage Boards - Complete Set
$24.99 sale $19.99

Add a whole new dimension to collage projects with 3-D trees, castles and spaceships! Simply interlock 2 boards to instantly create a…

Yarn Laces with Tips
Yarn Laces with Tips

Our colorful laces feature sturdy plastic tips—so they’re great for collaging or stringing! You get 144 laces in 6 bright colors; each…

Paint & Collage...
Paint & Collage Caddies - Set of 4

Set up your own craft centers—with handy tabletop caddies that put materials right at kids’ fingertips! Perfect for projects and…