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Learn to Count! Dough Mats

Kids learn to count with our creative, hands-on dough! Each dough mat features an irresistible, kid-friendly image that corresponds to…

Early Math Activity Center

Our activity-filled center features irresistible elephant manipulatives with a variety of attributes—giving children fun, hands-on…

Best-Buy Play Food Assortment

From pizza complete with toppings to nutritious sandwich fixings, our huge assortment of play food is a feast for the imagination!…

What’s Inside? Soft Feely Box

Little ones can’t wait to get their hands inside this adorable box…and find out exactly what’s inside! The soft, machine-washable box…

Lakeshore Washable Baby Dolls - Complete Set

These darling dolls are super-detailed and incredibly lifelike, yet tough enough for classroom use and machine-washing! 11" dolls have…

Feels Real Baby Dolls - Complete Set

Children can’t wait to cradle and care for these remarkably lifelike dolls! 14" multi-ethnic dolls have distinct facial features, plus…

Big Knob First Puzzle Set

Little hands have no problem piecing together these adorable puzzles! Each simple puzzle has 4 wooden pieces with giant, easy-grip…

Shapes Discovery Boxes

Tots just open up our inviting boxes…and get a super-appealing introduction to basic shapes! Each 5"-tall box contains 4 irresistible…

Let’s Go Shopping! Cash Register

Little cashiers complete one transaction after the next—with our cute talking cash register! It has all the features of the real…

Best Behavior Board Book Collection

Simple words and charming illustrations make it easy for even young children to understand the benefits of good behavior—from staying…

Lakeshore Toddler Science Center

Does a rubber ducky sink or float? What can a magnet pick up? What does a snake’s skin look like up close? Little ones discover the…

Toddler-Safe Food Basket

Our realistic play food is super-safe for little ones! The hands-on set features all the natural-looking food pieces children need for…

Button Size-Sorting Box

This soft vinyl sorting box gives toddlers hands-on experience with color, shape, size and fine motor control. Tots just sort the…

Lakeshore Hardwood Doll Crib
$24.99 - $89.50

Our sturdy hardwood crib keeps children’s dolls safe and snug! Beautifully crafted crib features smooth, rounded edges and a…

Soft & Safe Community Helpers

Introduce little ones to important people in their community—with our soft & safe play figures! The extra-chubby figures are made of…

Stack & Nest Sensory Toys

With bright colors, bold patterns and fun-to-touch textures, our stackers are sure to stimulate tots! Extra-chunky pieces are easy for…

Washable Dress-Up Masks

Kids go wild for our adorable animal masks! Each soft, plush mask features a padded design that’s extra-comfy to wear…plus a…

Color-Changing Touch Board

Children just press their hands on our color-changing board…and leave behind a surprising impression! Our heat-sensitive board changes…

Giant Sight & Sound Tubes

A fascinating, hands-on way for tots to explore sight and sound! Each see-inside tube is filled with objects of different colors,…

Indestructible Pots & Pans Playset

Children cook up tons of pretend meals—with unbreakable pots and pans made just for them! 18 kid-safe plastic cookware pieces include…

Feels Real Newborn Dolls - Complete Set

These super-authentic dolls have the look and feel of real newborns! Each one is incredibly detailed from head to toe—with movable…

Push-Button Play Phone

Our rugged, cordless play phone has buttons that ring when kids push them. Tough plastic; the receiver measures 8" long.

Dealing with Feelings Board Book Collection

Children learn how to cope with their feelings…with beautifully illustrated board books that foster social-emotional growth! Our…

Shatterproof Safety Mirrors
$19.99 - $54.99

Perfect for light experiments, shatterproof mirrors are classroom-safe. Plastic; 3" x 4" each.