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Magnetic Wands - Set...
Magnetic Wands - Set of 12
$2.29 - $24.99

Kids will be amazed at what these super-strong magnets can do! The easy-grip plastic wands have a powerful magnet safely sealed…

See-Inside Bucket...
See-Inside Bucket Balance

Our super-versatile bucket balance gives children a clear view of science in action! Each removable, see-inside bucket holds both…

Super-Safe Eyedroppers
$4.99 - $13.99

Durable, shatterproof droppers are made of clear plastic with rubber bulbs. Each is 3 1/2" tall.

Color-Changing Light...
Color-Changing Light Table

Add an exciting new dimension to color and light experiments—with an innovative light table that displays 4 vibrant colors! Our…

Best-Buy Magnifiers
Best-Buy Magnifiers
$9.99 - $27.99

Our handy magnifiers feature dual plastic lenses with 3X and 6X magnification; large lens is 1 1/2".

Easy-View Classroom...
Easy-View Classroom Aquarium

This low-maintenance, classroom-safe aquarium comes with everything you need—just add water and fish! Our giant aquarium has a…

Unbreakable Test...
Unbreakable Test Tubes with Stand

Four shatterproof plastic test tubes come with screw-on caps, labels and a handy stand. 5 3/4" tall; each holds 2 ounces.

Junior Scientists...
Junior Scientists Microscope Kit

Our easy-to-use microscope gives kids an exceptionally clear view—with a total magnification of 640X! Microscope features 10X and 16X…

Easy-View Early...
Easy-View Early Science Specimens - Complete Set

Our durable, easy-view specimens provide a fascinating look at plant and animal life! Each set includes 4 specimens encased in…

Student Thermometers
Student Thermometers
$14.99 - $42.99

Glass thermometers are secured to thick plastic backings with easy-to-read numbers. 1" x 6".

Hand Magnifiers
Hand Magnifiers
$39.99 - $99.99

View objects up close with our lightweight, durable magnifiers, which feature 2 1/2" glass lenses in tough plastic frames.

Bar Magnets
Bar Magnets
$16.99 - $46.99

All-purpose magnets feature color-coded poles for easy identification. 3" long.