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item# ES404


Our Early Childhood Rating Scale shows you how to assess and score 35 environment criteria—including language, safety, staff-child…

item# ES501


Our step-by-step School-Age Rating Scale helps you assess over 40 basic environment criteria—from furnishings and program structure to…

item# ES211

$3.99 - $63.99

Designed especially for Infant/Toddler programs, our comprehensive rating scale helps you make improvements to your existing program,…

item# ES301

$3.99 - $63.99

Our Family Child Care Rating Scale covers over 30 different criteria—from physical environment to safety, social development,…

item# RE480X


From farms to families, our inviting libraries introduce toddlers to basic early childhood themes—at just the right level! Each library…

grades: infant - preschool
ages: birth - 3 years
item# HH990X


Our multiethnic play figures give tots a hands-on introduction to families—with an extra-chubby, easy-stand design that ensures…

grades: infant - preschool
ages: 6 months - 3 years
item# GB619


Kids can build sky-high constructions…with jumbo-sized blocks that are soft, safe and wonderfully quiet! The giant, extra-thick foam…

grades: infant - 2nd grade
ages: 9 months - 7 years
item# RR794


Soft, safe, squeezable…and lots of fun to stack! Our vibrant, wipe-clean vinyl blocks come in tons of irresistible shapes, patterns and…

grades: infant - toddler
ages: 6 months - 36 months
item# LA815


A great way to boost early printing skills and build community awareness, our tough mailbox has all the authentic features to inspire…

grades: preschool - 2nd grade
ages: 3 years - 7 years
item# LL774


Give little ones an irresistible introduction to sorting—with big, easy-grip bears designed just for them! You get 24 extra-chubby…

grades: infant - preschool
ages: 6 months - 3 years
item# AX20

$9.99 - $56.99

Here’s nontoxic, pleasant-smelling dough in six super-bright colors! The lidded, 3-pound plastic tubs keep dough fresh and pliable.…

grades: toddler - 2nd grade
ages: 24 months - 7 years
item# AA692


Big enough to display tons of storytime favorites, but low enough to discourage climbing, our wooden bookstand makes it safe and easy…

grades: infant - toddler
ages: birth - 24 months
item# FF704


Introduce the concept of feelings and emotions with our adorable soft-sewn dolls! Perfect for circle time or dramatic play, each 12"…

grades: infant - pre-k
ages: 12 months - 4 years
item# RE979


The perfect complement to our Families Theme Box, this terrific library has 5 super-engaging paperback books specially selected to…

grades: preschool - kindergarten
ages: 3 years - 5 years
item# AA357

$89.50 - $99.50

Our super-stable hardwood chairs have wide, tip-resistant legs, an adjustable safety belt, plus smooth edges and rounded corners for…

grades: infant - toddler
ages: birth - 24 months
item# AA586

$139.00 - $149.00

With a sturdy design, safe rounded corners and a wipe-clean surface, our finely crafted tables are just the place for tots to build,…

grades: infant - preschool
ages: 12 months - 3 years
item# AA606

$44.99 - $49.99

With extra-wide seats, angled backrests and rounded arms, our sturdy chairs are super-comfy for tots! Chairs stack for storage and have…

grades: infant - preschool
ages: 12 months - 3 years
item# LC404

$89.50 - $199.00

Little ones are delighted when they discover their reflections in our nondistorting, shatterproof mirrors. The mirrors are made of…

grades: infant - kindergarten
ages: birth - 5 years
item# LC814

$3.99 - $69.99

Perfect for diapers, wet clothing and other messes! The wall-mount dispenser lets you tear off bags as you need them. Roll has 1,500…

item# GC322

$89.99 - $129.00

Our vibrant activity mat lets tots explore colors…as they crawl and play! The cushiony, 1"-thick mat features super-bright squares in 6…

grades: infant - toddler
ages: 3 months - 36 months
item# AW32


Durable corkboard has a sturdy aluminum frame and hangers for easy mounting.

item# LX9990


1,000 feet of strong, 40-pound paper. Measures 36" wide.

item# WC843


14 fun songs specially selected for use with our Activity Scarves! With lyrics and activity instructions.

grades: toddler - 1st grade
ages: 24 months - 6 years
item# LA936

$44.99 - $49.99

Store toothbrushes in a clean and protective environment! Clear acrylic holder has room for 10 brushes, plus space to add labels with…

grades: preschool - kindergarten
ages: 3 years - 5 years