Magnetic Paper

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item# PP539


Designed to look just like a piece of notebook paper, our magnetic write & wipe page is perfect for demonstrating writing concepts for…

item# FA844


Paper will never get lost in the shuffle with our handy magnetic pockets! Each sturdy pocket holds up to 100 sheets of 8 1/2" x 11"…

item# LC198


…essential math concepts…with a jumbo-sized magnetic chart that looks just like graph paper! Permanent 1" grid lines make it super-easy…

grades: 1st grade - 5th grade
ages: 6 years - 10 years
item# HH268


Here’s everything students need to explore magnetism in depth—from magnetic force & magnetic fields to positive & negative polarity!…

grades: 2nd grade - 4th grade
ages: 7 years - 9 years
item# RJ200


As kids run the attached magnet over our fascinating board, objects like nails and paper clips cling to the magnet…while rocks and…

grades: pre-k - 1st grade
ages: 4 years - 6 years
item# LA423

$6.99 - $29.99

…has a strong magnet that holds paper in place as kids create. Kids lay paper onto the spinner, stick the magnet on top, then spin…

grades: preschool - 1st grade
ages: 3 years - 6 years
item# EE333


…with chalk, markers or paint! The versatile easel has a magnetic write & wipe board on one side and a chalkboard on the other—each…

grades: preschool - 1st grade
ages: 3 years - 6 years