States Of Matter

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item# EE202


From life cycles & states of matter to lunar phases, the greenhouse effect and more—our lab covers 30 fascinating science topics…with…

grades: 2nd grade - 3rd grade
ages: 7 years - 8 years
item# FF988


…has everything students need to investigate the different states of matter! The tub includes 40 cards with engaging, standards-based…

grades: 1st grade - 3rd grade
ages: 6 years - 8 years
item# HH689


…in the included guide…for an exciting introduction to color mixing, states of matter, absorption and more! Color mixing tray is 6 1/4".

grades: pre-k - 2nd grade
ages: 4 years - 7 years
item# EE190


Students investigate states of matter, take an up-close look at atoms, learn how to make invisible ink and more—with involving books…

grades: 4th grade - 6th grade
ages: 9 years - 11 years