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item# GM219


…machine-washable fabric turtle features a nonskid bottom and fastens shut with the balls inside for easy storage. Turtle measures…

grades: infant - toddler
ages: 9 months - 36 months
item# HH449


Our adorable, turtle-shaped sorter helps little ones build logical thinking skills and eye/hand coordination! The sorting base comes…

grades: infant - pre-k
ages: 12 months - 4 years
item# LC1667


…14 different species of sea creatures—including sharks, sea turtles and whales. Each counter is 1 3/4"-2 3/4". With an activity guide.

grades: preschool - 3rd grade
ages: 3 years - 8 years
item# HH584


…investigate 5 amazing specimens—from an iguana skull and a snapping turtle shell to a super-realistic crocodile tooth. Then children…

grades: pre-k - 6th grade
ages: 4 years - 11 years
item# FK223


…world complete with more than 50 incredible ocean creatures—from a sea turtle to a big blue whale! Over 4 feet tall; 48 pieces.

grades: preschool - 3rd grade
ages: 3 years - 8 years
item# DT523


Paint this cute turtle however you like—and transform the rocklike sculpture into an adorable pet! The kit includes a turtle sculpture,…

grades: 3rd grade - 6th grade
ages: 8 years - 11 years
item# RE164


…Gibbons introduces children to the fascinating lives of sea turtles! You get 4 copies of the 32-page softcover book, plus a read-along…

grades: 1st grade - 3rd grade
ages: 6 years - 8 years
item# VR347

$19.99 sale $14.99

…freestanding plastic figures—including a red salamander, sea turtle and poison dart frog—ideal for teaching kids about animal…

grades: preschool - 2nd grade
ages: 3 years - 7 years
item# RE417


…lively chapter book about a boy named Peter Warren Hatcher, his turtle and his mischievous little brother, Fudge! You get 4 copies of…

grades: 3rd grade - 4th grade
ages: 8 years - 9 years