English Language Learners - 9 items
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3-Letter Word Building Puzzles

Puzzle your way to reading success! Our self-correcting puzzles feature kid-friendly pictures with corresponding 3-letter words.…

Vocabulary Development Photo Card Libraries - Complete Set

Help children build their English vocabulary one word at a time—with full-color cards that make it easy to integrate students’ native…

4-Letter Word Building Puzzles

Puzzle your way to reading success! Children simply fit the picture pieces together—and instantly spell corresponding 4-letter words.…

Building Language 3-D Lotto

Our hands-on matching game helps kids recognize and name tons of everyday words…and build classification skills as they play!…

Positional Words Resource Box

Children learn to recognize & understand positional words as they move cute manipulatives into one position after the next! You get 4…

Story Sequencing Cards - Complete Set

Children watch a girl build a snowman, a mother bake a birthday cake & more…with simple picture stories that are lots of fun to…

Storyteller Writing Box

Children discover all the details they need to tell their own amazing stories—every time they reach inside our mystery box! Perfect…

Lakeshore Smart Pencil

Our fun, talking pencil boosts essential skills—with an interactive design that gives kids instant feedback on how they are doing!…

Spanish/English Building Language Photo Library

Our vocabulary-building cards have full-color photos on front and corresponding Spanish words on back—complete with English…