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Best Behavior Board Book Collection

Simple words and charming illustrations make it easy for even young children to understand the benefits of good behavior—from staying…

Multicultural Board Book Collection

Even young kids can explore the diverse world around them…with our engaging board book collection! As children flip through the sturdy…

Children of the World Poster Pack

Our beautifully photographed posters of children around the world make it easy to discuss the importance of cultural diversity! 20…

Let’s Talk! Community Helpers Puppets - Complete Set

Kids learn all about their community—and the people who keep it running—with our delightful puppet set! Friendly puppets have…

Differing Abilities Poster Pack

Our big, full-color posters feature positive portrayals of people with differing abilities—from a boy in a wheelchair playing tennis…

Families Poster Pack

From single parents to multigenerational households, our color posters give children a look at all kinds of families! Poster pack…

Multicultural Music CD Library

Celebrate diversity with a rich variety of multicultural music children are sure to love! This incredible library features lively…

Transportation Poster Pack

From bikes and boats to trains and planes, our vibrant posters show children all kinds of modes of transportation! The 20 beautifully…

Moods & Emotions Poster Pack

Happy, sad, angry, proud…these posters help students understand and accept a wide range of moods and emotions! We’ve included 20…

Social Studies Poster Library

Inspire discussions about families, transportation, differing abilities & more with our vibrant color posters! Each ready-to-hang…

Community Workers Poster Pack

A doctor, teacher, mechanic and more—our posters help children learn about workers in their community…and the valuable services they…