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Don’t Let the Bugs Fall! Game
$16.99 sale $8.49

It takes a very steady hand to pull a block from the tower—without causing our bugs to come crashing down! Players just roll the die…

Magnetic Letter Builders - Starter Set
$49.99 sale $29.99

Here’s a fun, hands-on way to help children master the lines and curves that form uppercase letters! Kids simply grab a letter card…

Color Discovery Boxes
$59.99 sale $39.99

Our fun-filled discovery boxes give tots an irresistible, hands-on way to develop color recognition! Each box features 4 delightful…

Lakeshore Community Block Play People
$34.99 sale $21.99

No city or town is complete without community workers! From a police officer with a badge & cuffs to a scientist with goggles & a…

Build-A-Word! Magnet Board - 3-Letter Words
$29.99 sale $19.99

Kids practice building dozens of simple 3-letter words—sound by sound! Our magnet board comes with everything children need to build…

Giant Classroom Timer
$39.99 sale $24.99

Our large-screen digital timer lets you view the time from anywhere in the room—whether you mount it to a wall, set it on a table or…

Lakeshore Design Rollers
$16.99 sale $9.99

Children simply press our handy rollers in ink, then roll out perfect stars, polka dots, squiggles & more! The set includes 6 sturdy…

Soft & Squeezy Farm Animals
$29.99 sale $19.99

Specially designed for young children, our adorable farm animals have squeezable soft bodies that are a cinch for little ones to grab,…

Lakeshore Gear Builders - Starter Set
$27.99 sale $16.99

Children create, arrange and explore the motion of gears with these fascinating builders! Our 95-piece set comes with interlocking…

My First Pegboard Set
$29.99 sale $19.99

As tots fit chunky, baby-safe pegs into our fun-shaped pegboards, they explore color matching, develop eye/hand coordination & build…