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Economy Sand & Water Table

Our lightweight, portable table sets up anywhere—indoors or out—for instant sand and water play! The big plastic tub provides lots of…

Mix & Match Waterfalls - Set of 4

Our clever waterfall set helps kids explore the wonders of water movement…from a cascading waterfall to a spinning waterwheel! Kids…

Washable Sensory Play Materials - Complete Set

Kids will love to explore their tactile sense with our textured play materials! The complete set includes 3 different types of…

Clean Sand - 25-Lb. Box

Our clean, 100% natural white sand is low on dust, so it’s perfect for use with our activity tubs or any sand table.

Giant Clear-View Water Play Table
$49.99 - $189.00

Our giant play table features a clear, unbreakable tub with a drain at one end—so when kids are done splashing and experimenting, you…

Giant Economy Sand & Water Table

Our lightweight, portable table sets up anywhere—indoors or out—for instant sand and water play. The giant-sized tub allows several…

Lakeshore Magnetic Fishing Set

Children get a bite every time they play with our magnetic fishing set…and build essential eye/hand coordination at the same time!…

Colored Kinetic Sand

Like our traditional Kinetic Sensory Sand—but in bold, bright colors to stimulate children’s imaginations as they explore! You get 5…

Vinyl Cover for Play-All-Around Sand & Water Table
$19.99 sale $15.99

Protective vinyl cover for our Sand & Water Table has an elastic band for a super-snug fit.

Waterway Pipe Builders - Master Set

With our fun-filled builders, kids can create twisting, turning constructions that are perfect for water play! Kids just pour water in…

2-Way Sand & Water Table

Set up a sand and water exploration center anywhere…with our handy, space-saving table! The perfect introduction to cooperative play,…

Mold & Play Sand

Our innovative modeling sand lets children design dazzling sand sculptures—with incredible ease! Soft, wax-coated sand sticks together…

Dino-Dig Excavation Kit

Your own dinosaur dig…with all the tools kids need to make tons of amazing discoveries! Perfect for sand play, our kit includes 24…

Watch It Flow! Water Table

Bring the magic of a wild, rolling river to water play! Made of sturdy, all-weather plastic, our unique water table features 3…

Heavy-Duty Sand Tools Set

All the tools children need to scoop, sift, dig and more! Our classroom-tough sand tool set includes 6 each of a scoop, shovel, rake,…

Preschool Sand & Water Table

There’s no end to the fun kids can have with our spacious sand and water table! Made of all-weather plastic, our rugged,…

Lakeshore Super Sand Set

There really is something for everyone in our huge set of sand tools! We’ve included enough rugged plastic tools for the whole class…

4-Way Sand & Water Table

Sand and water play is 4 times the fun with our 4-way table! The no-rust aluminum table has 4 separate tubs, so you can fill each one…

Watch It Rain! Discovery Cloud

It’s raining, it’s pouring—all in the palm of your hand! Children just dunk this durable plastic cloud in water to fill it up…then…

Preschool Sand & Water Table - Natural Colors

Brown and tan earth tones create the perfect natural setting for hours of open-ended sand and water play! This classroom-tough table…

Lakeshore Water Play Kit

Children have so much fun playing with our water play kit, they don’t even know they’re learning about the properties of water! 38…

Stay-Dry Water Play Smocks
$10.99 - $129.00

Go ahead—let kids splish and splash; our water play smock will help keep them dry! Vinyl smock has elasticized sleeves and a roomy…

Tubes & Funnels Water Play Set

Kids engineer their own water play fun…with tubes & funnels they fit together however they like! Designed to help kids explore the…

Wacky Water Droppers - Set of 4

It has never been more fun to explore the properties of water, compare water flow or even practice color mixing! As kids squirt water…