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Trace & Write Story Stencils

Perfect for inspiring even beginning writers, our easy-to-use stencils are a great way to introduce creative writing! Children simply…

3-Way Tabletop Easel

Our super-convenient easel lets children create with chalk, write & wipe markers or paint—right on any tabletop! The ingenious design…

All-In-One Adjustable Easel

Our sturdy hardwood easel works three different ways—so kids can create with chalk, markers or paint! The versatile easel has a…

Lakeshore Jumbo Crayon Packs
$2.79 - $46.99

Sized just right for beginners, our Jumbo Crayons are easy for little hands to hold…and hard to break! Top-quality, nontoxic crayons…

Classroom Carry-All

There’s no better way to organize art centers and craft projects! Lightweight, portable and handy as can be, our convenient carry-all…

Lakeshore Double-Space Mobile Drying Rack

Our giant rack has twice the drying space between each shelf, so it’s perfect for oversized artwork & 3-D collages! Mobile metal rack…

Lakeshore Tabletop Drying Rack

The perfect way to keep kids’ artwork in pristine condition…while saving valuable classroom space! Our sturdy, lightweight drying rack…

Lakeshore Heavy-Duty Hardwood Easel

We built our easel to endure years of use...and we’ve got a 10-year guarantee to prove it! This heavy-duty easel features two 24"…

Indoor/Outdoor 3-Station Easel

Maximize space indoors or out—with a heavy-duty easel that lets up to 3 children paint at once! 3-sided easel features a sturdy…

Space-Saver Mobile Art Center

Make the most of your classroom space—with a mobile, double-sided easel that has a drying rack built right in! Kids just clip on paper…

Stow & Go Art Easel

Our double-sided easel sets up anywhere—and keeps all your supplies right within reach! Easy-rolling easel has 4 locking casters…with…

People Colors® Crayons
$6.99 - $82.50

Our People Colors Crayons come in just about all the colors that people do! Children can draw family, friends and famous people, and…

Letters, Numbers & Shapes Giant Stencil Box

Kids learn their letters, shapes and numbers—as they color! Our handy box comes loaded with 66 giant, wipe-clean stencils featuring…

Giant Stencils Box

Children create picture-perfect images of animals, vehicles, dinosaurs and more…with our giant wipe-clean stencils! Kids just color…

Jumbo Chalk Bucket
$2.99 - $34.99

Each bucket contains 15 pieces of big, 4" chalk that’s super-easy for little hands to grip! Chalk comes in 8 vibrant colors.

Lakeshore Standard Crayon Packs
$0.89 - $14.99

Perfectly sized for older children, our top-quality, nontoxic crayons let children draw with no streaking or smearing—and no mess!…

Toddler Heavy-Duty Hardwood Easel

Our rugged hardwood easel was built to endure years of use! It has two 24" write & wipe surfaces…so when kids aren’t painting, they…

Best-Buy Jumbo Crayons - 8-Color Box

Enough crayons for the whole year! Our sturdy, compartmentalized storage box holds a set of top-quality school crayons that won’t…

Alphabet Picture Stencils

Create big, bold letters and pictures for the entire alphabet! Our jumbo stencils each feature an upper- and lowercase letter, plus a…

Best-Buy Colored Pencils - Set of 300

300 nontoxic, pre-sharpened pencils come in 12 different colors: brown, black, yellow, violet, turquoise, blue, orange, peach, pink,…

Lakeshore Jumbo Colored Pencils

Even little hands have no trouble grasping these chunky colored pencils. Plus, they’re extra-long to last and last! 12 pencils come in…

Lakeshore All-Purpose Drying Rack

Our freestanding, all-purpose rack sets up anywhere…and keeps kids’ artistic creations in mint condition! 15 reinforced wire shelves…

Best-Buy Standard Crayons - 12-Color Box

Enough crayons for the whole year! Our sturdy, compartmentalized storage box holds a set of top-quality school crayons that won’t…

Write & Wipe Crayon Pack

Our nontoxic crayons are perfect for use with write & wipe boards, activity cards, lapboards and more.