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Lakeshore Double Dice

Our ingenious dice let students roll 2 numbers at once! Each translucent die has a smaller die inside, so they’re great for practicing…

Card Decks

Our miniature playing cards let the whole class explore number sense, operations and more! Ideal for a variety of games, the set…

1" Graphing Chart Pad

Our chart pad features 50 perforated sheets of graphing paper with a big 1" grid—perfect for creating extra-large graphs the whole…

Probability Spinners

These easy-to-use spinners let students make predictions…spin for the outcomes…then practice expressing probabilities! Our set…

1" Graphing Paper - 500 Sheets

Perfect for exploring bar, line and coordinate graphs-or practicing area and perimeter! Heavy newsprint paper has a large 1" grid.…

Early Graphing Write & Wipe Flipboards

Learning to graph is so much fun with these 3 reusable flipboards! Kids love the chance to survey their classmates on everything from…

Write & Wipe Graphing Boards - Set of 30

These handy plastic boards feature a write & wipe surface and a permanent 1 cm grid. Each board measures 9" x 12".

Hands-On Graphing Center

Children create “car race” graphs with miniature vehicles…and build graphing skills in a super-involving way! Our center features 4…

Write & Wipe Graphing Boards with X-Y Axis - Set of 30

Our handy write ;& wipe boards feature a 1 cm grid and a permanent X-Y axis. Each sturdy plastic board is 9" x 12".

Grab & Match Leveled Measurement & Data Quickies - Gr. 4-5

Our card games encourage critical thinking, speed & accuracy—to help challenging measurement and data concepts become second nature…

Hands-On Graphing Tray

Perfect for use with our Math Counters, our skill-building tray gives children tons of graphing practice! Little ones just place the…

Data and Graphing Instant Learning Center

Graphing concepts are a cinch to understand—with a hands-on learning center that comes ready to use! Our instant center has everything…

Graphing Paper

Perfect for exploring bar, line and coordinate graphs—or practicing area and perimeter! Double-sided graphing paper measures 8 1/2"" x 11"".

Hands-On Venn Diagram Tray

Children compare tons of objects—with a skill-building tray that’s perfect for use with our Math Counters! The tray’s handy molded…