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Linking Cubes

Our durable plastic cubes link together any way kids like! You get a set of 150 cubes in 10 vibrant colors; 3/4" each.

Color Rings Sorting Board

Toddlers get simple, hands-on practice matching they sort easy-grip rings onto 6 chubby pegs! Sturdy, 6 1/4" x 8" hardwood…

Unifix® Cubes

200 linking plastic cubes are perfect for patterning, exploring place value, building number sense and more. Cubes measure 3/4" each…

Magnetic Shape Sorting Rods

Magnetic rods give kids tons of practice with shape sorting! Each durable wooden rod is magnetic and has a shape at the top. Kids…

Pattern Blocks

Create patterns and explore geometry concepts with 400 plastic blocks in 6 colors and 6 shapes. Largest block measures 1 3/4".

Math Links

These sturdy plastic links snap together with ease! Set of 500, in 4 colors; 1 5/8" each.

1" Color Cubes

These vivid, solid wood cubes are exactly 1" each. Set of 90 cubes in 8 different colors.

Button Sorting Center

Our bright, irresistible buttons feature a variety of different attributes for children to sort…giving kids focused, hands-on practice…

Hands-On Sorting Center

Kids sort cute farm animals by color, size & more…and get irresistible, hands-on practice with early classification skills! Our center…

Hands-On Patterning Center

Students practice patterning with fun fruit shapes…and build essential math skills in a super-concrete way! Our center features 4…

Translucent Color Chips

1,000 plastic chips in 6 colors are ideal for light table activities, document cameras and more. Each is 1".

Hands-On Patterning Tray

Perfect for use with our Math Counters, our skill-building tray gives children tons of patterning practice! Little ones just place the…

Dot Patterns Teaching Cards

Improving students’ number sense just got easier! Our teaching cards use dot patterns to help students learn to subitize objects, add…

Patterning & Sorting Folder Game Library - Pre-K-K

Boosting math skills is a blast—with super-fun folder games children can play on their own! Our ready-to-use library comes with…

Sorting Adventures Interactive Activities
$19.99 - $199.00

Kids build sorting skills in an exciting, interactive way—as they cook up a pot of shape stew, paint colorful works of art, deliver…

Patterning Match-Ups

Children put together these super-simple match-ups…for a super-involving way to practice patterning! Set includes 20 two-piece puzzles…

Patterning Instant Learning Center

Kids get hands-on patterning practice—with an instant activity center that makes independent practice a snap! Our ready-to-use center…

Patterning Adventures Interactive Activities
$19.99 - $199.00

Patterning practice is more fun than ever with skill-building activities children can’t resist! Our software title has 4 leveled…

Shapes Feel & Find Sensory Tub

Children explore their sense of touch—as they search for shapes in our sensory tub! The roomy tub comes with 2 pounds of purple…

Hands-On Sorting Tray

Children sort tons of objects—with a skill-building tray that’s perfect for use with our Math Counters! Little ones just place the…

Magnetic Size Sorting Rods

Magnetic rods give kids tons of practice with size discrimination! Each durable wooden rod is magnetic and has a small, medium or…

Shapes & Patterning Self-Checking Magnetic Cards

Our magnetic activity cards make math lessons stick! Kids just slide an activity card into our Self-Checking Magnetic Board (sold…

Connect-The-Dots Patterning Interactive Games
$14.99 - $149.00

Blast into outer space on a skill-building adventure—copying, extending and completing patterns in the stars! Children simply select a…

Patterning Family Engagement Pack

We’ve packed fun patterning practice into this take-home pack—with an engaging game both children and parents will love! The pack…